Psychological Assessment
Together let’s get a sense of what’s really happening before jumping into treatment.

Both you and your therapist should have a good idea of how things are now, and how you would like them to be in the future. For this reason, Dr. Wright emphasizes treatment planning based on data, not just opinion.

As a first phase of therapy, Dr. Wright offers general personality and emotional functioning assessment that is covered by most insurance plans. She utilizes a variety of evaluation and screening tools that are proven effective and accurate. Best of all, more accurate assessment contributes to more targeted treatment to help foster progress – and make your time in therapy productive, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach.

A minimum of two sessions are dedicated to sharing and interpreting all the valuable information that’s revealed, so you gain a better understanding of yourself.

The assessment process:
  • Helps Dr. Wright get to know you more quickly.
  • Provides you with valuable data-based feedback.
  • Helps you to co-create goals and a treatment plan.
  • Assists in setting appropriate timelines for your goals.
  • Helps us avoid jumping in too quickly, or with the wrong issues.
  • Saves time by allowing us to work more effectively.
  • Allows us to look back and see the progress you have made.
Assessment results can be useful outside of therapy.

With your consent, Dr. Wright can share what is learned in the assessment with your healthcare providers such as a Primary Care Doctor or Psychiatrist. The evaluation results can be very helpful to them in making informed decisions about medication and general medical treatment.

Dr. Wright also offers Psychological Assessment as a stand-alone service at the request of your therapist, psychiatrist, or other medical professional(s) to aid in diagnosis, medication management, or treatment decisions. Assessments offered:

  • Psychological Diagnosis
  • ADHD/ADD Testing
  • Social/Emotional/Behavioral Concerns
  • Mood Disorders and Personality Testing

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