Often we don’t know what is possible to achieve in therapy, we only know what we are used to. Our "normal" is defined by what is familiar. Frequently, we also don't believe things can be any different, and if we do, we don't know how to get there. This results in feelings of helplessness and a strong sense of being "stuck."

Dr. Wright will work with you to create a concrete vision of how life can be for you, and a detailed plan for how to get there. Careful attention is given to the practical steps that can be taken to heal and create a “new normal.”

A Three Phased Approach
  • Grounding:
    First, time is taken to learn new (or strengthen existing) coping skills and the ability to calm and regulate your emotions.
  • Transformation:
    From there, deeper change can occur, allowing you to release the effects of the past, change your beliefs about yourself and move into greater self-acceptance.
  • Thriving:
    In the last phase, we focus on integrating your definition of thriving, not just surviving.

Recovery is not defined by becoming "perfect," or by the complete absence of intrusive or difficult thoughts, memories, or feelings. It's about learning to handle these experiences and knowing you have the coping skills and confidence to do so. Recovery lies in the ability to live with the past in such a way that it isn’t in control of your present.


A breast cancer survivor herself, Dr. Wright embraces the importance of taking a comprehensive approach to health and wellness. When appropriate she will recommend resources beyond the therapy room, such as stress-management practices like exercise, yoga, self-hypnosis and guided imagery, mindfulness, breathwork, and meditation.

Dr. Wright strongly believes in the value of humor and humility, both within the therapeutic relationship and life in general. We're all in this (often messy) life together, and as humans our commonalities outweigh our differences. Laughter in the therapy room is an exercise in witnessing the joys and victories along the way, and acknowledging our shared humanity.

Perhaps most importantly, Dr. Wright considers her role as therapist to be a privilege, and genuinely loves her job and her clients.

Happiness is not found in things you possess, but in what you have the courage to release

—Nathaniel Hawthorne

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