growing deep roots & strong wings.

Over 20 years of experience has taught Dr. Wright that we must be grounded before we can fly. She focuses on helping you to enhance your strengths, build resources, and learn new coping skills before beginning to work together on transforming your deeper issues. Co-creating a practical treatment plan based on data and your goals is the starting point.

Learning to thrive, not simply survive.
Dr. Wright is passionate about helping you explore what life beyond survival means to you.

Dr. Wright is committed to:

  • Treatment as short as possible, but as long as necessary
  • A professional therapeutic atmosphere based on appropriate boundaries and ethics.
  • A goal-oriented, active approach that offers you practical feedback.
  • Treatment recommendations based on data, not opinion.
  • Partnering with you to clarify your goals, expectations and time frame for treatment.
  • Therapeutic relationships based on acceptance, care, and respect.
  • Collaboration with medical professionals and community resources to ensure quality care that extends beyond the therapy room and moves you forward.
  • Provision of evidence-based treatments backed up by research and experience.

           Kathryn Wright, Psy.D., PLLC  
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