Coherent Breathing


Coherent Breathing increases Heart Rate Variability and a relaxation response. It is recommended that Coeherent Breathing is practiced 20 minutes per day for 21 days. The goal is to breathes 5 cycles per minute, which is 5 to 6 seconds inhalation and 5 to 6 seconds exhalation. For more information about Coeherent Breathing see Stephen Elliott's Youtube Video.

Below are three videos with different speeds of Coherent Breathing.  Choose one that is most comforable to you.

Keep your eyes on the Ball: 1) Breathes through the nose.  Keep your mouth closed. 2) Breathes out as long as the ball decends; feel the abdomen contract. 3) Breathes in as long as the ball ascends; feel the abdomen expand.  Continue to breathes rhythmically, never holding your breath. 

1) Below is a 7 seconds breath cycle (3.5 seconds inhale and 3.5 seconds exhale)

2) Below is an 8 seconds breath cycle (4 seconds inhale and 4 seconds exhale)

3) Below is a 10 seconds breath cycle (5 seconds inhale and 5 seconds exhale)

Breathing Techniques

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